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Orion Chemicals Ltd

Orion Chemicals Ltd is an actively developing company that delivers imported chemical products for various industries to the Russian market.
With extensive experience in delivering industrial chemicals, we provide high quality products at competitive prices.
We invite you to consider our company, which specializes in the sale of imported chemical products on the market of Russia and CIS countries (Belarus, Ukraine, and others).
We have many years of experience in delivering chemical products from producers from South Korea, Taiwan, China, Thailand, India and several European countries.
At the same time we take on the functions of both a Trader and an Agent for direct deliveries from the producer to the consumer.
Our company, Orion Chemicals Ltd, employs highly qualified managers with extensive knowledge of the consumer markets for chemical products.
Orion Chemicals Ltd can dispatch goods from warehouses in both Saint Petersburg and Moscow, in both large and small shipments.
In recent years the tendency towards signing direct agreements between produces and consumers has increased, which makes it necessary for these agreements to be supported, specifically:
the Orion Chemicals Ltd Company is prepared to accept the responsibility for finding consumers, coordinating an agreement on all technical parameters, signing a contract and specifications between producers and consumers, tracking the delivery of the product itself, and paying for it.
The company also takes on the function of resolving any conflicts that may arise between the producer and the consumer via negotiation.
The Orion Chemicals Ltd Company has extensive experience in adapting specifications for a given product and its quality according to the consumer's need.
We invite you to become familiar with our site and the products that we are currently delivering on a regular basis.